March 15, 2018 @ 13:30 - March 16, 2018 @ 16:00

Our Hackathon “Smart Future” wants to gather the opportunities offered by new technologies for a better living. In a city, in a house, in a work environment.

The hackathon (a blend of ‘hacker’ and ‘marathon’) is an event in which passionate young computer fans participate in a collaborative programming session, open to ICT students (bachelor, master and PhD).

The event aims to challenge groups of students with programming experience to make use of their teamwork abilities and comply with the objectives set, while also having fun.

Objective is to develop, test and validate innovative ICT projects in the fields that will be discovered to participant during the initial presentation, using the tools that will be proposed.

Each group will consist of a maximum of 4 people, with max 50 participants.   Registrations are now closed!  

The results of the work will be judged by a jury of experts.

Prizes @ Dell:

  • N. 2 Drone Parrot Bebop 2
  • N. 2 Dell Inspiron 13” 2 in 1 

In collaboration with 

The results

Congratulations to all the participants to the Hackathon of the tenth edition of the ICT Days.

Winning teams:

FIRST: Provolosi
Castellan Sebastiano (teamleader), Facchini Rublev Viatches e Degiacomi Simone
SECOND: Segmentation Fault
Milani Mattia (
teamleader), Fadi Andrea, Sartori Damiano e Brugiolo Federico
THIRD: BettterWithTommy
Tommaso Bonomo (
teamleader), Mattia Molon, Giorgio Segalla e Lorenzo Framba
FOURTH: Povers
Damiano Donati (
teamleader), Tommaso Montefusco, Alberto Xamin e Vincenzo Caracciolo